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Farmer & Morris Law, PLLC serves clients in both North Carolina and South Carolina with obtaining Social Security Disability. We guide clients through the process of filing for Social Security Disability, and then advancing through the initial determination stage, the reconsideration stage, the hearing stage with an Administrative Law Judge, and then even to the Appeals Council stage if that is necessary. We work closely with our clients each step of the way to assist them with the paperwork that it takes to go through the process of pursuing Social Security Disability, and we do everything possible to support clients even as they struggle with various medical impairments. Depending on income levels and past work history, clients may be eligible for Disability Insurance Benefits, Supplemental Security Income, or both. Additionally, we provide assistance to our Social Security Disability clients who are seeking Medicaid coverage to enable them to seek the medical treatment that they desperately need. Our goal is to see our clients improving to the greatest extent possible and to see that they obtain the support that they need.

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